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Have you ever had a direct debit sneak up on you?

Do you choose not to pay by direct debit because you feel like you have no control when your account will be debited?

With the new and innovative easy dd™ alerts you can overcome these very issues and take control of your direct debits like never before.

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Here’s how easy dd™ alerts can help remind you:

Easy dd™ alerts are here to assist you to stay in control of your direct debits. Life’s busy enough so paying by direct debit suits many of us down to the ground, ensuring that what needs to be paid gets paid when it has to.

We all get notification of when and how much the company is going to debit, more often than not at least 10 days before it happens. At directdebit.co.nz we understand that a lot can happen in 10 days and we can lose track of what’s due and when, until it happens and sometimes that’s too late.

When you pay a number of expenses like power, phone, rates, insurance and gym memberships by direct debit it can feel like open season on your account. With easy dd™ alerts you are able to tailor a direct debit schedule that tells you in advance when a direct debit is due.

What does it cost?

The alerts are “FREE" and easy to use and your information is secure.

The easy dd™ schedule can be tailored a number of ways, by frequency, by the number of days before the dd happens, via sms or email it’s completely up to you. Every successful alert you receive also puts you into the draw to win a share of an easy dd™ rewards prize pool.

If you get an alert that advises you that your “Power” bill is due in “3” days time, and you don’t have the funds to cover it, we encourage you to contact the “Power” company and discuss an alternative date that will suit you and them. It is important to honour your commitment to the service provider and find a mutually agreeable alternative.

If easy dd™ alerts sound like they could help you take full advantage of paying your existing bills by direct debit why not give it a go, it’s free and only takes minutes to register. Before you create your schedule you will need to know when your existing direct debits are due. Register Now.

Here are some additional tips to help you make the most out of paying by direct debit:

Tip #1 Set direct debits up out of flexible accounts

Tip #2 Arrange for direct debits to be deducted at the beginning of pay periods, not the end to guarantee success.

Tip #3 Direct Debit’s don’t operate over the weekend, if your direct debit falls due on a Saturday or Sunday it will most likely be deducted the following Monday evening.

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2. Create your own easy dd™ schedule.
3. Relax and start receiving alerts.
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