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directdebit.co.nz has been created for New Zealanders by New Zealanders, and we have been helping Kiwi's with their direct debits since 2008.

Our aim is to make direct debits even easier for everybody. We are not directly involved in the transactional side of direct debits instead we focus on educating Kiwi's on how the direct debit process works and give them personalised tools to make it easier for them to stay in control.

We partner with New Zealand based organisations who genuinely want to make the direct debit experience easier for their customers, and who choose to use our services to compliment and enhance their existing direct debit processes.

Our existing suite of easy dd™ services make direct debits easier by:

Easy dd Directory

Making direct debits easier to understand.

Easy dd Directory

Making direct debits easier to remember.

The creative team at directdebit.co.nz will continue to develop new and innovative services to ensure that direct debit is the preferred and trusted method for Kiwis to pay their essential household bills, saving everybody time and money.

If you would like to know more about our services and how we can partner with you to tailor them to your customers please contact us,


Paul Latham BCA
Marketing Manager

0800 333 676

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